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Crystal Palace Private Schools is a nigeria indigenous owned school with a very conductive learning enviroment, providing ICT based teaching to your child, providing helpdesk, and onsite support to your child.

Crystal Palace Private Shcool is to provide 21st century education at affordable price through, Creche, KG, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Sch Education.We pride ourselves on providing a world class educational service through our highly experienced and professional teachers.

Our Vision

At THE CRYSTAL PALACE PRIVATE SCHOOLS, our vision is to build pupil morally, socially, mentally and to be knowledgeable in all fields. Where children enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners to achieve excellence in the wider and global communities.

Our Mission

- To attain excellence utilizing TRUST as a bind force to build student’s commitment, parent’s loyalty, staff motivation and community confidence.

- To provide an environment where children feel safe, happy and secure.

- To provide a structured programme of work ensuring a broad balanced curriculum which is thematic and engages the learners.

- To foster an enquiring mind, with the ability to question, choose, evaluate and argue rationally.

- To develop awareness of moral, social and religious values.

- To develop in each child confidence and a positive self-image.

- To prepare pupils for the next stage of their education and adult life.

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Our Classes

Check out our classes at Crystal Palace Private Shcool that provides 21st century education at affordable price through, Creche, KG, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Sch Education.



Class Time : 7.00am - 5.45pm

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  • Capacity: 15 kids
  • Duration: 00 min
  • Age: 18months - 30months


Play Group & KG

Class Time : 8.00am - 3.00pm


  • Capacity: 20 kids
  • Duration: 00 min
  • Age:


Nursery & Primary

Class Time : 8.00am - 3.00pm
  • Capacity: 20 kids
  • Duration: 00 min
  • Age:


Junior Secondary

Class Time : 8.00am - 3.00pm
  • Capacity: 20 kids
  • Duration: 00 min
  • Age:

Why Choose Us

You’ll want to keep a close eye on those things that influence your Child’s educational and interllectual perfomance..

Montessori and British System of Education
Well Ventillated Classrooms
Transport/School Bus Service
Standard Computer Laboratory with 24HRS Electricity
Extra Curricular & Recreational Activities
Adequate Securities

Our News

Ogun State Public and Private Primary and Secondary Schools

The Ogun State Government has announced Monday 13th September, 2021 the official resumption date for the commencement of first term academic activities for 2021/2022 academic session.

According to the Ogun State School Calendar for 2021/2022 Academic Year, first term commences on Monday 13th September, 2021.

With the emergence of the third wave of COVID-19 parent/guardians, teachers, schools administrators and other stakeholders must ensure full compliance with all COVID-19 protocols/guidelines as released by NCDC and Government. This include, among others:

* Wearing of facemask by all learners, teachers and other non-teaching staff at all time;
* Use of infrared thermometer for temperature check;
* Use of hand washing facilities with soap and water;
* Use of hand sanitizer;
* Social and physical distancing should be maintained while large gathering such as assembly should be discouraged; And
* Isolation room, health clinic/bay already created in schools should be functional and regularly maintained.
All stakeholders are to ensure strict compliance.

Prof. Abayomi A. Arigbabu, FMAN
Hon. State Commissioner for Education, Science And Technology.


1st Term resumes 21st September 2020!!!! CPPS complies with all necessary measures to meet the COVID-19 protocols for physical distancing, among other requirements. • Provision of Sick bays / Isolation rooms in schools. • Training and designation of some teachers as first line responders • Use of face masks • Regular check of body temperature with infrared thermometers • Provision of adequate hand washing facilities and alcohol-based sanitisers for students and teachers; • Maintaining of physical distancing of 2 metres • Decontamination of schools prior to resumption; • Suspension of general assembly.

Posted on 20-Sep-2020


We are pleased to welcome our Teachers and Students back to School and thankful to God for his protections on us all. As our children are so young; although we are doing all we can to encourage them to be independent, we are also taking steps to protect them as far as possible by; • Ensuring they are offered support with handwashing and nose-blowing • Teaching them about how to wash their hands properly • Providing soap and hand sanitiser All adults in our setting are doing extra handwashing; including when arriving to school. They are also supporting the cleaning teams by doing routine cleaning in order that cleaning staff have more time to “deep clean” hygiene. If a child suddenly becomes unwell with a high fever, we will contact you immediately. We will then isolate the child in our Sickbay until you are able to collect them. Due to the seriousness of the current situation I would ask that you do come and collect them as soon as you can, or send a nominated adult to collect them in your place. If your child is unwell at home with any of the symptoms of Covid 19 as advised by the NCDC, please do not send them to school. If you are ill with any of the symptoms listed, we would ask that you do not send your child to school until you are sure they are not at risk of developing the virus. As we have young children and their families accessing our setting, we would ask you to help us try to stop the virus from spreading.

Posted on 21-Sep-2020


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